After childbirth or through natural aging, many women experience changes to the appearance and function of the vulva and vaginal area. In addition, some young women have a genetic tendency for labial enlargement, even prior to childbearing. This condition can impact normal life activities including exercise, wearing of tight clothing, sexual gratification, self-esteem and more. For most, symptoms may improve with surgical trimming of the labia.

These conditions can usually be diagnosed via a simple, yet thorough pelvic examination and remedied through minimally invasive procedures. Together, these procedures are called Cosmetic Gynecology or Gynecologic Aesthetics. Generally, they can be performed with local anesthesia on an out-patient basis.

When women experience discomfort during sexual intercourse, embarrassment, discomfort wearing exercise clothing and other tight garments, and during certain kinds of physical exercise because of the size or shape of the labia, they may seek labiaplasty.

Dr. Bradley can sculpt the labia minora for a thinner appearance. Depending on the desired outcome, the labiaplasty procedure can be used to reduce the size of the labia, reshape the labia for a more even appearance or both.

Dr. Bradley’s training and years of experience make her uniquely qualified to sculpt and to rejuvenate with a comprehensive understanding of the unique physiology of a woman’s anatomy. Dr. Bradley is the only gynecologist in North Dakota who is specifically trained in Gynecologic Aesthetics.